We build our smoothbore flintlock Northwest guns to be as historically close to originals of the period as we can. Stocks are of walnut, our lock is a direct copy of an original Barnett trade gun lock. A lot of effort and time goes into making our own barrels so that they are correct for the style. By doing our own barrel contouring we can provide our customers with a true Northwest Indian Trade Gun Barrel.

Our ramrod pipes are sheet brass and are formed with a raised pattern of lines as were the originals. They are fixed to the stock with soft steel pins. Although most original locks did not have a half cock notch (resulting in a very heavy trigger pull) our locks come with a half cock notch and a trigger pull of approximately 3 pounds. They are fast, reliable and durable. We guarantee them for life.

We can offer you any one of three side plates. Brass Butt PlateThe "Early" style (1780 - 1800) or the more common "Barnett" style (1800 - 1840). The third is the very thick and crude "Belgian" style. ClClick to enlargeick here to see our page on Side Plates. The serpent is inlet slightly into the side panel. Another option is to leave it proud, by customer request. Two 10-32 thread lock bolts pass through the side plate, the stock and on into the lock plate. Another heavy 10-32 machined bolt passes up through the trigger guard, missing the breech plug, and threads into the barrel tang in the tradition of these Barnett style trade guns. The butt plate is nailed on using cut square head nails. The trigger guard is retained by two wood screws at the rear and the tang screw in front of the traditionally shaped large bow . The trigger pivots on a simple cross pin. The lock is held in by two #10x32 machine screws with the rear screw passing through the breech plug. This is correct, both historically and mechanically.

We offer this gun in 30", 36" and 41" barrel lengths. Gauges available are 28 ga (.54 cal.), 24 ga (.58 cal.), and 20 ga (.62 cal.). For a shorter length barrel click here to see our Canoe Gun.

We use three or four under lugs, (depending on the barrel length) soldered to the underside of the barrel. Soft steel pins are used to retain the barrel to the forend of the stock. The front sight click here for options is also soldered on. This system is extremely strong when done correctly.

We can provide this gun with your preferClick to Enlargered length of pull, up to 14 ½".

The ram rod is finished with a machined brass tip fastened with a steel pin. The shape of the tip resembles a cleaning jag click here so you can ram a ball or use it for cleaning with a wet patch. We drill and tap the face for 8-32 threaded attachments.

This gun is also available in a left hand version with a Ketland left hand lock at an additional cost.

Northwest TraClick to Enlargede Gun Kit:

You might want to consider building your own Northwest gun from our complete set of trade gun parts. We provide everything you need to make an authentic Northwest Trade Gun.

Call our gun shop to talk about your ideas for your own smoothbore flintlock trade gun with the options that you want and to find out our present turnaround schedule.

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