The Early English trade gun style was bEarly English Gunuilt for the Indian trade by the English before the French and Indian War. It was not as decorative as its French counterpart, but equally as light in weight, just as accurate and even more efficient. The Indians accepted this style because of their familiarity with the French stock shape and the brass butt plate. This gun has a brass thumb-piece, serpent and ramrod pipes and an iron trigger guard. After the French were expelled from Canada, the Early English style soon evolved into the Northwest style we are familiar with.

The gun we produce uses a walnut stoClick to enlargeck that is inlet for the butt plate, lock, thumb-piece and barrel, the ramrod hole is pre-drilled. Our gun has a single small band at the end of the barrel flats, although some are seen with a second band another 3" out. We offer this gun in 30", 36" and 41" barrel lengths. We suggest the longer barrels because they are better proportioned. Gauges available are 28 ga (.54 cal.), 24 ga (.58 cal.), and 20 ga (.62 cal.). A brass butt plate and an iron trigger guard are standard with this gun. As options, we also make the butt plate in iron and the trigger guard in brass. This gun has the most drop at the heel (2 7/8") of any we manufacture. The North Star front sight is installed as standard, in brass or white brass. The length of pull is set at 14" due to the pre-carved stock design. The gun can also be built as a left hand style using the Ketland left hand lock. There is an extra charge for this service. The gun is finished in our usual manner.   Custom configure your Early English gun to your spec's On-Line!



  • North Star flintlock (a true trade gun lock with 2 piece plate, patterned after an early Barnett) Left hand style uses the Ketland "Chief's" Lock.
  • Two brass ramrod pipes, 3/8" dia.
  • Full length walnut stock, 90% inlet with French style butt. Maple is available at an additional cost
  • 3/8" ramrod with end fitting
  • Tapered octagon to round barrel, 20, 24 or 28 ga, 30", 36" or 41" long.
  • Tenons (3 per set)
  • Early English barrels have 1 or 2 narrow wedding bands, (buyer's choice)
  • All necessary screws & nails
  • Curved brass butt plate (iron optional)
  • Blade front sight (brass, steel or German silver)
  • Brass thumb piece
  • Complete set of instructions with full size prints
  • Steel trigger with cast steel trigger guard (brass optional)
  • Bottle of Tru Oil® stock finish
  • Brass serpent sideplate, flat engraved & cast from an old original
  • Bottle of Old Time Brown, cold browning solution

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