The North Star West, Inc. Chief’s Grade Trade Gun

The gun we produce uses hardware that is a direct copy froClick to enlargem an original gun that dates to 1812. (see J. Hanson’s version IV, MFT Quarterly, Fall 2005)  The only difference being the fact that these new guns are made of modern materials. The stock pattern is proprietary foChief's Grade Gunr North Star West, Inc. and is not available from anybody else. We have the brass parts cast especially for us. They are of the finest "Yellow Brass" which has a high silver content. We have the correct tooling to make the Indian Head medallion from brass or German Silver. We also produce this gun in a left hand "mirror image" version. To our knowledge this is the only "Trade Gun" originally produced as a left hand gun.

You’ll like the way these guns handle, look and shoot. They’re a great smoothbore flintlock trade gun for the early 1800’s hunter or trapper. They’re not fancy but they are classy and very authentic in design and detail. You can purchase it finished, or as a kit. Call us now to get on the list!

Chief’s Grade Trade Gun Kit.

Our kit includes everything needed to reproduce one these historically correct Chief’s Grade trade guns. We furnish a complete set of instructions and a blueprint with every North Star West, Inc kit.

The stock is 90% inlet fClick to enlargeor the barrel, lock, trigger, trigger guard and butt plate. The ram-rod hole is pre-drilled and the forearm is machined close to the final configuration.

We offer this gun in 30", 36" and 41" barrel lengths. Gauges available are 28 ga (.54 cal.), 24 ga (.58 cal.), and 20 ga (.62 cal.). Ketland style lock with fly.

Options are limited to maintain the historical integrity of this pattern:

Brass or silver medallion,

Choice of front sight click here for front sights

Barrel length and gauge.

Configure your Chief's Grade Gun as a Kit, or as a Finished Gun on-line with our Custom Gun Configuration Utility and Order from the comfort of your own home.

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