The Premier Builder of Flintlock Trade Guns

Accept no substitute.

Invest in a North Star West smoothbore, muzzle-loading flintlock trade gun. North Star West Trade Guns are historically correct reproduction guns made in Montana with a keen eye for detail, safety, historical accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

At North Star West, you won’t find everything under the sun. Fact is, We pride ourselves on not being the WalMart of muzzle-loading guns. But you will find high-quality reproduction guns: Northwest Trade Guns, Early English Guns, Chief’s Grade GunsCanoe Guns and Trade Pistols. And, if you want the absolute best, may we suggest an Officer’s Model Musket. You won’t find a more handsome or historically accurate piece.

Or perhaps you would prefer the experience of finishing or building your own muzzleloading gun. We also provide top-notch muzzle-loading guns and gun kits. Each option comes with a full line of North Star West trade gun parts, manufactured by premiere gunsmiths in our Superior, Montana, shop.

One way or another…if you a purchase a North Star West Trade Gun, you won’t be left feeling sorry, or wishing for more.